Showing and Sharing your antique engines and old iron

Posted by The Old Croaker on 16th Feb 2016

  Many a restorer will savour the conquest of a rusted solid mass of iron and steel and after many hours, dollars,mental and physical  torment bring it back to life.  We relish all the above as well the search and rescue of the old iron from its final resting place. This stray cat 30 was hiding in the brush.

This one needed the help of a Cat 60 to yard it out.

 These indeed are very rewarding  activities to partake and unfortunately some become stories unshared.  The project is stored away in a shed somewhere only to see the light of day at the restorer's estate sale.

No chance of that happening here. Old iron is out of hibernation in the backlot and getting ready for the fairs.

 Mr Bill and I are showing the next generation how to make cornmeal the old way at the Two Rivers Museum in Washougal, Wa..

Celebrating the Two Rivers museum Ice Cream Social. 

Here we are at Dufur, Or for the annual threshing bee. It is 102 degrees in the shade getting ready for a great crowd.The green Fairbanks Morse engine is making electricity for the fan,lights and radio while the other engines are pumping water and grinding corn.

Here we are celebrating Sternwheeler Days in beautiful Cascade Locks, Or.

Here we are at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive center to celebrate their 20th Anniversary while the Maytag washer is mutilating a pair of jeans.

  We try to make our exhibits interesting and engaging and help fellow restorers do the same.We encourage you to participate in a chapter of the early day gas engine and tractor association (EDGETA).It is an opportunity to educate the public, meet new friends, and of course a great excuse to get outdoors and play with our toys and make some noise. It is also a great opportunity to attract new participation and inspire the next generation. Important also is to be a good host, think from both sides of the ropes and practice safety. EDGETA membership may provide insurance coverage and guidelines for a safe display.  It is a lot of fun too. We try to make our exhibits tell their story.