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FMJH Series: Mercury/Disston/Kiekhafer 9871A

The FM-JH2B and FM-JHE2B  were a specially made product for Mercury Kiekhafer power products as their outboards and chainsaws. They resembled the FMJ inside with the usual points,condenser and coil held in by two setscrews. If the setscrews won't come peacefully, heat the housing with a propane torch. This will make the housing grow larger thatn the screw and release a thread keeper placed at the factory. These screws are hard and brittle. If one gets too rough with them the side of the slot will break off and require a trip to the milling machine to dig it out.  They had a beveled gear pressed on the magneto driveshaft that must be removed to wash and repack the ball bearing that nearly always is full of petrified grease. Behind the gear is a small expensive thrust ball bearing. When removing, use a separator and get behind the gear, not the bearing. It is a tight press fit and the force required to remove the gear can (and will) split the bearing. Don't ask me how I know that! More to follow on this one.






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