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FMJ2 Series 2854C

Here is some info by kind permission from Fairbanks-Morse on the FMJ2 series magnetos. These were  and still are a modern, hot, reliable and serviceable mag. The caps are fragile,expensive, easily and often broken. Like other FMJ and FMX mags, if there is a need to remove the two set screws holding the coil in, always give it some heat with a propane torch to make the thread keeper let go and the housing grow if the screw is seized. The 1/4-20 steel setscrew is hard and brittle. If one gets too ornery with it and breaks off one side of the slot it is Helicoil time. This means a trip to the milling machine and a time consuming setup. Best to be avoided. It is recomended to wash and repack the front ball bearing and replace the petrified grease every 40 years or so too and all will be well. Polish the points,service the bearings, have a good condenser and coil in place and we will see you in 40 more years or so.  These were used in counterclockwise configuration by John Deere on their letter series tractors as OEM and replacements. Waukesha used them on the Cub engine. Caterpillar used them for pony motor ignition. Some Caterpillar applications were designed to mount upside down.





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