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The Webster company is famous for its early low tension oscillating magnetos. They also made a high tension version briefly. They suffered the woes of a bad batch of pot metal, stripped threads therein, worn out and bent shafts, warped and worn out end plate/bearing assemblies, and the usual ravages of dirt and moisture.  Like most low tension magnetos in make and break systems, the output is a sine wave that as the shaft rotates produces a positive peak, drops to and crosses the zero line, then produces a negative peak, then back up towrad and crossing the zero output line, etc. The sine wave looks more like a spike of peak output in either positive or negative direction that appears 180 degrees apart.  What this means is that to get the biggest bang out of a make and break ignition system, we must snap the ignitor points open at the maximum output of the magneto, be it positive or negative peak. Timing the opening of the ignitor points with the magneto at maximum output is critical. When the webster mag is at rest, that is the position of maximum output and when the points should just  start to open.  Other low tension mags use witness marks for timing. Here is a book written By Doc Schuster that is an excellent reference. It is good investment for anyone that has anything with a Webster magneto.


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