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International harvester J4 Magneto

  The model J4 was used extensively and probably exclusively on the Farmall Cub.  Not as hot and bulletproof as the H series, and used bronze sleeve bearings instead of the usual thrust ball bearings and a special mounting flange.  Problem areas are typical as with all, too much rain in the wrong places, lack of maintainence and/or lubrication, and coil insulation seepage. Another problem that causes a lot of grief is when the magneto is used on electric start tractors and connected improperly. The terminal on the side of the magneto goes to the stop switch and connects to ground for stopping and disconnected from ground for running. If it is connected to the power like a battery, coil and distributor system it may damage the points and coil and discharge the magnet.








This is the way the tining gears are lined up. It is a good idea to wash out the vintage grease and relube at overhaul and inspection. The points are set at .013",and the plug gap is .025". For a Farmall Cub a 3116 non resistor Autolite sparkplug works well.

The condenser is a NAPA#IH200, the distributor cao is a NAPA# IH350, the points set is NAPA# CS-1600. The coil is #352355-R91. has these components as well. 



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