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Simms Magneto

The Simms magneto company made a brief appearance with some ignition equipment that was OEM for some manufacturers as General Motors on their Samson tractors and trucks and some early motorcycles. Most if the early models were of the wound armature design and suffered from the usual woes of icky sticky goo that glued the armature in place. Condensers are nearly always shorted or leaking. Many had severe issues with pot metal that crumbled away. The workmanship and materials left a lot to be desired. They appeared to benchmark with Bosch and Eisemann in their design and even their nomenclature.  Like the Eisemann, they had an off center wound shuttle and used some special pitch metric threads. Always measure the OD and pitch before a frontal assault with taps and dies. Their model nomenclature somewhat resembled  Bosch by describing their 4 cylinder model the SU4 as compared to the Bosch DU4.  When in repair and if the housing and end caps are sound they are quite hot.   


  Simms later became the Homelite company