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AH Wico magneto Rx

The Wico AH magneto made a brief appearance and is sometimes found on an occasional International Harvester model L, LA or LB engine fitted with an impulse coupled spur gear drive.  Like all the rest they suffer from the usual woes of moisture, wear and neglect. Condensers can be a problem area with these. Always check for electrical leakage with an actual condenser tester, especially the black plastic ones. Lots of bad ones out there, in fact we have not found a good one yet. These use the same points, condenser and coil as the common Wico model C and are readily available new.  If the condenser, points and coil are in repair they will work. The converse is also true. here is some factory information by kind permission from Wico to keep yours alive and well. Points are set at the usual .015".






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