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Edison CD and CDH Magneto RX

The Edison CD was a fairly hot magneto that was used by some motorcycle manufacturers as OEM and briefly by John Deere on some of their letter series tractors like the A and D. The CDH was used on some Indian motorcycles in the 1930's.  When in repair they were quite hot and fairly reliable. The impulse couplers were not very robust and the coils sometimes developed internal shorts and the usual woes of sticky goo that slobbered into the rotor housing getting things good and stuck together.  When reinstalling the coil it is easy to slide it into its place causing the end to tip up and not make physical contact with the pole shoe. this causes an air gap and a very wimpy mag. Slide the coil in place and be sure it is sitting down flat on the pole shoes then install the clamp and screws. The condensers were well made and seldom gave trouble. If they do an automotive device works well. One may need to bend the mounting bracket slightly to clear the fiber drive gear. Here are some specifications with service information to follow to keep yours alive and well.