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GN6 Edition 4

The GN6 edition 4 is a later version of this heavy duty magneto. These were often used on larger 6 cylinder engines, especially motor trucks and fire engines.  Here is an owners manual to help keep yours in top form. Handle with care as the pot metal is fragile as eggs. The caps are also very prone to damage. as with most early Eisemann products, special pitch metric threads abound. Always check the diameter and pitch before a frontal assault with taps and dies.  Patience when disassembling is a good word. The plug wires do not simply plug in as one would expect. See page 6 for a discussion on this task. When in repair these are very hot reliable magnetos. Condensers were well made and robust and seldom failed. The armatures suffered from the usual woes of sticky goo from deteriorated insulating varnish.












The plug wires do not simply plug in, rather they are held in by a set screw under the brush.













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