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Remy two wire distributor

Here is another attempt at ignition that appeared in the mid to late teens from Remy.  This is the notorious two wire distributor ignition system.  It looks cumbersome and complicated and it is indeed. Instead of completing the primary circuit by simply connecting one lead to chassis ground we eliminate the common chassis ground and now require two wires to the distributor.  The condenser lives inside the coil buried in tar.  Also of note like the later Remy tar baby ignition coils the secondary is not connected to the primary. It connects to the chassis and engine through the mounting ears in the base. To check the coil with a test instrument you need to connect the mounting ears to one of the primary leads. To check continuity measure from the plug lead to the mounting ears.  Another oddity is that the ignition switch breaks both power leads in lieu of one that would do the task.      Here is some information to get yours in fighting spirit.





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