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A Magneto RX

The Wico model A shares many of the same internal parts as the model C, as the points, coil and condenser, used extensively by John Deere for the two cylinder letter series tractors.  They shared some of the same problems as they used sleeve bearings that never got oiled and condensers that did not improve with age. Here is some information from a factory manual to keep yours alive and well with kind permission from Standard Magneto of Chicago, the home of Wico/Prestolite.



Sorry to say your magneto is probably out of warranty.




If the magnetic armature does not slide out easily, it may have formed a burr or wire edge from thrust forces and can chew into the bronze bushings if forced out.  If the armature shaft is not loose and you do not plan to remove,reinstall and ream new bushings, it is best to leave it be. If metal chips have gotten stuck to the magnetic armature, masking tape can help clean them of when the armature is dry and degreased.


The black plastic cased condensers are usually bad bad. I have never encountered a good one. Always test for leakage. They are the same as used by the model C and are readily available.







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