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Bosch, American Bosch, and Robert Bosch

The Bosch brand appeared early in America offering high quality  electrical and ignition components with designs based on their roots in the Robert Bosch facility of Stuttgart, Germany . They were very precise, used superb craftsmanship and probably state of the art materials and design. The magnets were strong and held their magnetism probably better than most.Even the housings were of polished bronze.Products from the German facility were branded as Robert Bosch with their classic shuttle wound armature logo that remains today. They were reliable and worked well in the day. After World War 1, the US  counterpart became American Bosch with the familiar logo of Fritz the Flyer. The magneto bases that were bronze became aluminum and more potmetal parts appeared. Nonetheless, they were an excellent magneto.Some American engine builders offered Robert Bosch products as OEM as well as American Bosch. Many similarities are shared including dimensions and basic design.

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