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K-W T TK TU TUK Magneto Catalog Ed 8

Here is the 8th edition of the K-W catalog featuring the T series magnetos and their other electrical accessory equipment. They made scores of the famous buzz coils for the Ford Model T as well as a magneto adapter to spare disgusted motorists(or would be motorists) from the pesky coils and timer contraption altogether. They also made some accessory lighting equipment for those daring travelers who ventured the roads at dusk. K-W magnetos were OEM for some of the early Holt and International tractors. When in repair they worked well. After 100 years or so they usually require some service.


  The T series that resembled a loaf of bread was famous for a pesky paper condenser lurking under the magnets that always seems to develop leakage and cause a wimpy spark. The pot metal can be annoying as well.

 The highbar is a very hot magneto that some of the early Holt crawler and combine engines used. When in repair they work well. Problem areas are the leadwires from the coil that were insulated with a corrosive runner sleeve. The rubber deteriorates and corrodes the soldered connection between the pigtail leads and the coil primary windings causing an open. Taking the highbar apart to fix is not easy. The coil is located between the poleshoes on the armature shaft held in with two stubborn tapered pins as the coupler.  Once the coil is extracted the sides enclosing the windings and lead wires are riveted together.  Hopefully this manual will help ease your pain.























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