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FMJ1A Instructions 1947 Bulletin 2888B

The FMJ1 series were used extensively on small engines, especially Wisconsin and Fairbanks Morse Z engines. They are very serviceable, robust and reliable. These one banger magnetos used a different coil with a different part number than the rest. The coils are still available. Care is due when removing the 1/4-20 slotted setscrews holding the coil. These screws are very brittle and break easily. If they do not come out easy, heat the top of the housing with a propane torch. Sometimes there is a thread retainer present that will let go when hot and the heat will cause the housing to grow at a faster rate than the steel screws. Too much torque will break one side of the screw slot and need to set up the milling machine and/or Helicoil installation.  





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