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Splitdorf 46T and EM Impulse Starter

Here is a factory manual covering that ever annoying pot metal impulse starter used on the early Dixie/Aero Splitdorf  magnetos. These were used by Mother Deere on the early model D and possibly others.  We hope this will ease your pain.










These models had some serious pot metal issues. Hopefiuly some brave soul will reproduce some of the more troublesome parts.  


Now you know what that extra hole in the hub is for.  Lots of broken springs will be found. Be sure and check the condenser. Most found will be bad. The early devices usually fail by going open and the  many devices that superceded them developed electrical leakage. If no leakage is present they should test at 0.15 Microfarads. A 0.15 Microfarad 400 volt Sprague/Vishay "Orange Drop" capacitor designed for spike currents works well and will end all woes with the condenser. Beware of special pitch threads. Always mike the OD and check the pitch before a frontal assault wuth taps and dies.




The drive cup tangs are soft and take a beating. Many need to be built up and remachined.  


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