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FMX1-2B7 & FMXE1-2B7 Wisconsin TE&TF

Here is some Instructional information for the FM-X1-2B& and the FM-xE1-2B7 used on the two cylinder models TE and TF.. Unlike most systems the secondary of this model is not grounded but rather wound in a loop.  It fires both plugs at once to eliminat the need for a distributor. To test spark one must leave one spark plug wire connected and test spark on the free lead when the impulse snaps.  If the engine has a miss on one cylinder it is helpful to repeat the spark test on the plug wire that was connected to the plug previously with the tested plug lead connected to the spark plug. This will tell if there is a leakage or short on one leg of the coil. Rare but annoying. A coil with one leg shorted or leaking to ground will fire on one cylinder and miss on the other.  As always non resistor plugs and wires are needed.









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