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GS6 GSA6 Parts and Service Manual

Here us a factory parts and service manual to keep the GS6 in top form. They are a smaller device and still pack a wallop. They are hot and reliable and had the usual woes of a wound armature design and sticky goo with occasional pot metal issues. Beware of special putch metric threads on thus one. Always check the OD and pitch before a frontal assault with taps and dies. These had 5mm x 0.75 and 4mm x 0.75 threads throughout and not the common 5mm x 0.8 or 4mm x 0.7. On fixed timing model the pot metal cam sleeve can be annoying. It can swell up causing the sleeve to not be concentric with the armature and/or break apart. The Rx is to make a new sleeve. A bronze bearing bored to a sliding fit works well.

















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