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Edison Splitdorf RM Parts List


Here is a more detailed parts list from a factory service manual and some of our procedures and mumblings when the part needed is made of unobtainium.




Beware of condenser part#6285 if yours is a no go. Many bad ones out there, in fact, most encountered from the soggy northwest. Always check for electrical leakage then for capacity with an actual automotive condenser tester. No digital meters we have seen can do this. A leaking condenser will present an overstated capacitance on most digital meters and fail to detect leakage. Capacitance dose not change as a rule, but it is a good test nonetheless after passing a leakage test as sometimes a condenser can fail by being open, that is, a broken connection inside causing no capacitance. Another virtue of this procedure is tracing an intermittent that can drive us looney. Set the tester up for capacitance and connect the condenser then wiggle and pull the leads and see if the capacitance disappears. Rx for offending condenser to follow in the service section.






This multi cylinder configures RM uses a different condenser that is much more robust and easier to retrofit if necessary. One can use an automotive cindenser with the common side mount bracket with the bracket bent upward to clear the armature gear.




The multi cylinder configurations used a different condenser, thank goodness that was robust and seldom fails. if it does happen to fail, you may use a modern side bracket mounted device like for a Delco distributor and bend the bracket to clear the timing gear. It will be about .18-.22MFD as original.





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