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G4 Edition 2

The G4 edition 2 was the newer improved model. It had a much more robust breaker assembly and had an external ground lead from the primary winding soldered to the top of the condenser housing.



Much improved breaker assembly.More robust and reliable.




Do not forget the ground lead connection to the stop switch for safety. if the dashboard is indeed a board there is an extra terminal on the key switch to

Connect to the chassis ground. Note how the plug wires connect. The hex nuts around the brushholders draw down to hold the wires. This version has a more robust and simpler breaker and cam assembly.



The plug gap should be about .025-.030 and points at .012-.015.


Cutoff switches, rare, fragile and very expensive.


Carbon brushes are metric dimensions. The fastener threads are special pitch metric threads, usually 5mmx.75 and 4mm x .75.


Beware of part 26i. It is potmetal and often distorted and or loose resulting in irregular (asymmetric) cam action and rough running. Check point clearance with both cams to be certain. If it is distorted,carefully bore it round and shim it, or get a bronze bearing close to the right size and make a new cam collar.


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