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Fairbanks Morse R Instructions 2690A

The Fairbanks Morse model R was likely a huge improvement for early farm engines of the day. It was totally inclosed, hot and reliable. They suffered from the usual woes of wound armature design and insulation seepage.  If the mag is stuck like the armature shaft is welded to the housing put the beast in the oven at 200 degrees or so and the goo will usually let go. Take the leadout tower off first of course. Always check the square condenser in the base of the armature for electrical leakage with an automotive condenser tester. nearly all encountered are defective with electrical leakage. these mags are so robust many will still perform even with a bad condenser but the points will get pitted more readily.  here is some factory service information with kind permission from Fairbanks Morse to keep yours alive and well.














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