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Aero 448 449 648 649 Magneto





Here is some service and installation information to help keep your Aero 448 449 and 648 649 magneto in top form.  The 449 and 649 are a bit weird vis a vis other Aero magnetos in that they have two terminals on the breaker cover. The one on the right  is the usual grounding switch but the terminal on the left connects to the insulated(hot) starter motor terminal.  When the starter motor is engaged and supplied with 6 volts, it runs battery current through magneto coil primary for a hot spark at low cranking speeds. Inside the maggie the primary coil is not grounded on one end like most, rather it is connected to ground externally through the starter motor when the starter motor is not energized.   


  As always, beware of the condenser lurking over the coil. test for electrical leakage with an actual condenser tester then test for capacitance. It should come in at about .15 MicroFarad. Lots of bad ones out there. If yours is bad use an "Orange drop" capacitor designed for spike currents rated at .15 Microfarad at 400 volts or thereabouts.  The magnets are mounted sideways unlike most magnetos and must be charged as such. If it is not necessary to remove them it is best to leave them in place if a magnet charger is not available. Beware of the potmetal and handle with care. 























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