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American Bosch Flywheel magneto Instructions

Here is some helpful info to keep your American Bosch flywheel magneto alive and well. They as most American Bosch products are robust and reliable as a rule and suffered from the usual woes of dirty points and bad condensers. This covers the FY magneto used on the Maytag 92 engine so you can wash the laundry. 








 Always first check the condenser for electrical leakage with an actual condenser or capacitor leakage tester. This is the main cause of poor performance and failure. Digital meters cannot do this and only measure capacitance. A leaky device will show an overstated value of capacitance and not function in the ignition circuit.  The original device can be replaced with a 0.2 MicroFarad Orange drop capacitor and many readily available automotive condensers. See the page covering condenser info for details.










 The coil test is a good quick and dirty procedure. The points need to be polished. It will tell if the coil and/or condenser is dead.  If you don't have a battery of service equipment and can't get a spark with the above test, replace the condenser and repeat.  The light bulb test with the condenser will test for an open but not for leakage and shorts. 



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