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FW1781 and some Mumbling on Maytag Twins

Here is some factory parts and service info by kind permission from  Standard Magneto Corp to keep your Maytag Twin Model X running and clothes clean.


Always check the condenser for electrical leakage with an automotive condenser tester of possible. Many bad ones out there. If no electrical leakage is present the capacitance should come in at .16-.2MFD. Capacitance almost never changes but this test will also test for an open or intermittent fault, like there is no condenser present. If the condenser is defective, an automotive condenser like those described in the wire,plug and condenser and likely many others will work well. 


When checking for spark, recall that the high tension (secondary) windings are not grounded or share a common ground but rather are wound in a loop. To check for spark, ground one plug lead and give the engine a flip to see if the spark will jump 1/16" from the plug lead to the crankcase then ground the lead just tested and repeat the test with the other lead previously grounded. A miss on one side or dead cylinder could be a coil with a short or a fouled plug.  As always, use a non resistor plug and wires.


The coils for these are difficult to make and expensive. Handle with care and do not flip the engine over without both plug leads connected. Do not solder the plug wires to the coil. Poke the stripped wire through the loop on the coil a short distance then fold it over and put a glob of non metallic silicone rubber on it. This will make it stay put and act as an insulator.


 Eisemann also made ignition equipment for Maytag.  They could have used the same dimensions but that would make way too much sense.

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